Sunday, 8 March 2009

Funny fins happen in Pembrokeshire!

So a bit better definition and finally Tim got back to me. He spends time in Mull and other parts of Scotland and also Mwnt where Janet first photographed "Polo" so It seemed a 50/50 chance but this animal with its pup was photographed off Skokholm in 2007!

I am not as yet convinced it is the same animal as Janet and I photographed. Tim is looking for any other photo's that would give a better view, its a bit like waiting for the TV ref to award a try!

The clarity of this photo, taken at reasonably close range apparently, also shows a couple of what appears to be abraisions on the flank. So if it is not the same animal (?) why do two seperate animals have quite similar notches in the dorsal ? Certainly the shape of the bottom notch , given the slightly skewed angle looks very similar. The two notches on each fin look different. Are the abraisions noticable on this animals flank synonymous, inflicted at the same time?

  • Is someone locally catching and cutting fins for identification purposes?
  • Have these animals been wounded by some predator that could be identified from the shared characteristics of the wounds?
  • Were the wounds some accidental injury caused by collision with some inanimate object?

A Porpoise could travel from Mwnt N of Cardigan where Janet photographed her animal in 2003 to Skockholm where Tim photographed his animal four years later within in a day. Fishguard where I photographed "Polo" is about half way. This leaves lots of room for speculation as to porpoise movements or residency. All in all we may never be any the wiser, but who knows which way this puzzle may next turn?

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