Sunday, 8 March 2009

Funny Fins Happen!

I had a friend visit on Friday , a great photographer who lectures at Cardiff Uni', a really fine wildlife photographer, Tim Collier.
Its fun to add pic's to the blog and I asked him for any porp photo's he had . One, a mother and calf, looked good to illustrate a posting; "Fishguard Breakwater" I made back in February. (see Archive), as I added it to the posting, I noticed the fin of the mother was a bit funny.
The low res image was not too easy to blow up but anyway this is what I got (top)
Before we started this "Whales in Wales" blog I had been pretty excited to photograph a porpoise last summer with a couple of notches in its dorsal fin. I posted it on the "Pembrokeshire Birds Blog" Janet Baxter replied with a picture of what was almost certainly the same animal she had taken almost 5 years previously at Mwnt. I have not as yet managed to get hold of Tim to check this out but I can't wait to find out where he took the mother and calf pic'.
watch this space...
allthingsgood, cliff