Sunday, 13 September 2009

Still some Sun!

From Sam Vickery;

Hi Cliff
We met a couple of years ago when I worked for Creative Mwldan in Cardigan. I've left the company now but Sean and Steve are still running their film/ editing/ graphics service from the building.
Just looked up your email address on Pembs Marine Code website and wanted to report a sighting of a sun fish at Mwnt around 10th August at about 5.30pm.
We were walking the coast path from the chapel at Mwnt beach towards Aberporth and noticed a fin 'waving' about 10 meters off the coast. We watched it for about 30 minutes and it travelled about 200 yards in that time heading towards the 'mwnt' and keeping close the the cliffs. Sea was fairly choppy.
We thought it was a dolphin in distress to start, but the fin was longer and thinner. We decided it might be a turtle but it seemed to be rolling and was dark on the top and lighter under belly. It was only when we got home and googled it that we realised it was a sunfish and video on line matched our sighting. Unfortunately we hadn't a camera so didn't get a photo of this sighting.
About half a mile further along the coast path I also saw a smooth back 'mass' break the surface - no fin and seemed to be 'rolling' . It was a couple of seconds. I waited a while incase it reappeared or to find out if it might have been a smooth rock, but didn't see anything.
Sean and I often walk the coast path and now that I have your email address, I shall let you know of any other sightings in North Pembs/ Ceredigion.
Best wishes

Hi Sam, I look forwards to more! sounds like the finless back may have been a seal but thats the problem with underwater things, you often just get a tantalising glimpse, allthingsgood, cliff

From Alison Ross;

Hi Cliff. Hope you are well. After a stressful week I've just spent 7 hours up at Ramsey Sound on Sat.12th.Sept. Although there were'nt as many porps there as I've seen as my previous couple of visits. Only a single sighting in the flood tide & for a long time nothing in the ebb, but then 3 porps appeared & were there for about an hour, sometimes displaying quite energetic behaviour. I could also see their blows on several occasions. I could see many seal pups in the coves over on Ramsey today & there were also a lot of adult seals in the water. I checked up on a pup that I had seen about 10 days ago, near where I survey the porpoise, but I was saddened to see that it had'nt survived (if it was the same one). When I saw it before, it had looked so well fed & likely to survive. For every one that does'nt make it, hopefully there are more that do. All the best, Alison.....