Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Blow by blow account!

Hi Cliff, see mail below sent into the Blog. Not sure from the description what this is. Any ideas?

From kyaker, Mike Bevan;

Hi, I have a sighting to report, I was kayaking 250 metres out, west of Pwll Ddu Head, Gower on 10/09/09 The solo dolphin passed me by at 1130am less than 25 feet away,heading eastwards, it was 6foot long, lightgrey with brown around the fin and back blowing every 5 seconds. ThanksMike

Not sure what this animal was although the view from kyak is both intimate and limited, it could be that the size was overestimated or underestimated or he might have got it right!
The obvious species that might be encountered are Porpoise and Common Dolphin. Both are more or less black above and pale below... Its a bit big for a Porpoise and about right for a CD, although at that close range Mike might have noticed the yellowy green blaze around a commons head and shoulder. The brown is a mite confusing although in some lights porpoises and Bottlenose dolphins have a purplish/brown cast. Bottles, at least adults, are much bigger than 6feet. I am guessing that Mike may have been wearing sunglasses which may have also caused a colour discrepancy. Grey/brown could just concievably be a Risso's but it would have to be a calf. What is definite, is... it was a cetacean! maybe we can get a bit more detail? allthingsgood, cliff