Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Ramsey Sound Porpoises and Seals

News from Alison Ross - A couple of early starts up at Ramsey Sound yesterday & today had its rewards. Probably 12-15 porps there yesterday, maybe not quite so many today. One of the ones I saw today appeared to have a damaged dorsal fin but unfortunately I only had the one positive sighting of it. There was a close group of 5 that moved up the Sound at the end of the morning ebb tide on both days. The same animals or just a coincidence? Just as a footnote. I arrived this morning to some very strange noises. A couple of courting seals in the water below, calling to each other, rolling over & nuzzling each other suggestively & then diving down together with lots of splashing. Interestingly, I saw a couple of seals behaving in the same way in exactly the same spot on Mon.7th. It is reassuring to know that the circle of life continues.