Saturday, 19 September 2009

Weather or not, Whale or not... Dolphins and Porp's though!

From Rob Colley (Gower Marine Mammal Group)
Out of Swansea /Bristol Channel:
Yesterday's summary: forecast n.e. 1-2 didn't happen, & consistent e/s.e. 5-6 made for a bumpy, slammy, day & very poor sighting conditions. Surprisingly, x5 porpoise were seen on transit. On transect, x2 glimpsed-and-never-seen-again animals remain a mystery but were probably (?) porpoise; a maybe-whale-blow came to nought. Two groups of Common dolphin came to the boat: 5 adults + 3 half-size calves, and 11 adults + one >half-size calf.

This weather seems to be literally unpredictable, Sea Trust out today lets hope for better luck, without me though...aaargh!