Monday, 5 October 2009

Golden days

Many will know that for me Strumble Head is the centre of the universe , but it can be lovely or vicious. Today was lovely, I met up with the Strumbler Graham Rees, no wind and balmy, no good for birds for Graham but with the tide beginning to drop a barren sea was transformed with porpoises everywhere you looked. We estimated 100+ but no real way of accurately counting. Adrian Rogers was also having a great time watching autumnal sea mammals as can be ascertained from a photo he sent! (above ) Just to say , Mark
W had the impression (Pembs bird blog) that Porp's were few and far between at Strumble this season. It was certainly and scarily the case early in the spring /summer but they seem to have got back to something like normal now n a view Graham and I agreed on from different perspectives . None the less tidal conditions and sea state are a bit critical, with best porps probably half ways between tides.