Sunday, 4 October 2009

If it's Sunday, it must be Risso's !

Pic: Steve Rosser

I decided to have a look at Strumble this morning, hoping for some interesting birds after yesterdays gales. There were some and they will be up on the Pemb's Bird blog presently, but there were also cetaceans.The interest started with some intregueing porpoise behaviour , a mother and smallish calf and repeated tail slapping. It was difficult to tell exactly what was going on but there was a seal in the vicinity. Its just possible that the adult /mother porpoise was trying to protect its young calf, which was last seen "porpoising" away from the area.Soon after Adrian Rogers found us some Risso's Dolphins, quite distant and moving away. there were at least three, possibly more which eventually disappeared in their characteristically enigmatic way!