Wednesday, 4 November 2009

And again...

Porp in Ramsay sound in rough conditions ;Malcolm Barradell

In what has been a truly remarkable run of sightings which must be making Strumbles claim for Marine Conservation Zone status undeniable, Paul Grennard and Mervyn Jones clocked up another 3 adult Risso's this afternoon. Some may say the amount wildlife seen at Strumble is because of its popularity as a look out spot but this is the reason it is so popular; there's a heck of a lot of wildlife around Strumble!
Another place that would presumably qualify for MCZ status and is already protected as a Marine SAC is Ramsay Sound. Alison Ross has been keeping an eye on things there... .

I was up at the Sound again today. There is absolutely no shelter up there from a wind coming from a westerly direction! & to sit out in it for 4 hours! I must be mad!! Not a single porpoise sighting in the ebb tide race where I have seen good numbers recently but I did see 3 individuals moving north up the Sound at the end of the ebb tide. Lucky to see the first one as it was only just breaking the surface. At least there were some porps there & it was well worth getting considerably cold for! All the best.....Alison