Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pod of 8 Bottlenose Dolphins off Newquay

Afraid this sighting is over a week old now, but still worth posting!

We don't tend to see our Bottlenose Dolphins as regularly this time of year, so it really brightened up a dull Autumn day with this sighting....images taken whilst on Charter to the Environment Agency last week (water sampling throughout Cardigan Bay).
Whilst taking samples off Newquay, and at rest, 'Razorbill' was approached by a pod of 8 Dolphs (one tail slapping - must stress the engines were not running and they approached the boat). A short video is viewable here (via our razorbillribs You Tube Channel): Environment Agency Charter Nov 09 – Pod of 8 Bottlenose Dolphins off Newquay

The main pod moved past, but a couple of them hung around and gave a nice 'display'.....Dan