Sunday, 13 December 2009

In an Octopuses garden in the Ocean Lab

At last we have an Octopus in the Ocean Lab!

This fulfills the legend of "Ollie the Octopus" which was the working title for an exhibit that preceded our Sea Trust exhibit, that has been up and running since Easter 2009.

"Ollie" was caught in a pot by Rodger, a local fisherman who saved it in a box (above). We then collected it and transfered it safely to our tank in the Ocean Lab, Fishguard Harbour. (below).

Come and see Ollie while you can! if he looks happy and we can feed him, we will keep him in our big fish tank for a while, but if we think he is not happy we will put him back in the sea.

incredibly Octopuses kill lobsters by enveloping them in their tentacles and then biting them with a hard parrot type bill inbetween their legs, so fishermen do not usually like them. But fisherman, Rodger, found "Ollie" , and saved him for us instead of feeding him to the gulls. Thanks Rodger from us and hopefully thousands of people who will visit the exhibit who will be amaized to see what we have in the waters that surround us here in West Wales!