Monday, 14 December 2009

WOW! anyone else got anything on this one?

I am hoping to get more info from Catherine, has anyone else any idea what was happening here?
On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Catherine Mary Stanley wrote:
Just witnessed the most incredible sight - was walking along the beach at Newborough near to Llandwyn Island when we witnessed a few whales - dont know what kind, they were in the distance. They were followed by wave after wave of other whales coming in. In total there must have been about 100. I was so excited that I phoned the coast guard at Holyhead to see if they could contact someone to witness this incredible sight. I got the impression the guy I spoke to thought I was a bit of a crank - not so. These were definitly not dolphins. These were huge creatures. The weather at the time was sunny, cold, frosty and very bright and the whales were between Llandwyn Island and the North wales coast, towards Caernarfon. The whales were sighted about 12.30pm. Just wish I could have got closer to them and photographed them. Also did not have my binoculars with me.
A bit closer to home and not quite as mindblowing, but really nice to get winter sightings...
David Cunniffe
Dec 12
Hello Cliff,
There was quite a bit of Bottlenose activity at New Quay Harbour this afternoon. At least 6 individuals including 2 pairs (mother and calf ?). I have never seen such an extended period of very boisterous activity.
Best wishes - David C.

And then closer still...
Yesterday I was happy to watch a small group of porpoise in Ramsey Sound in good conditions.
It was my first porpoise seen during my last five surveys, although I have had a couple of sightings East of St Davids Head.
It has been a strange few months, last year October, November and December were the peak months for Porpoise sightings in Ramsey Sound which is certainly not the case this year.
Still seeing a few new born seal pups.
Malcolm G Barradell