Sunday, 21 February 2010

Clever Cloggies!

Dear Cliff,
A good day of porpoise activity in the Ramsey Sound area yesterday. Scattered activity around the entire area, including Penllechwen, St. David's head, the north and south end of the Sound during the ebb tide. We recaptured the split fin porp at St. David's head. First sighted at Penllechwen two weeks ago. No feeding activity of gannets though.
Ernst & Aniek
These Dutch guys from Van Halle are really making a useful contribution, well done Aniek and Ernst. We will have to keep our eye out for this unfortunate animal and see if it remains in the area. A couple of brief visits to Strumble and lots of porp's after a few quiet weeks. For many years Strumble has consitently produced the goods but the past year both at Strumble and around Ramsey things have beneen much less predictable we will keep on watching and see what we see!