Monday, 22 February 2010

Where else?

Photo: Steve rosser

I suppose somewhere in the UK, people are out there watching cetaceans year round and being rewarded with sightings even though conditions are far from easy... Possibly not and if they do they seem to keep pretty quiet about it. Its been a lo-0ng cold winter but on the first anniversary of the Whales in Wales blog, reports keep coming in and shows the persistence and dedication of cetacean watchers here in Wales!When we started the blog I wondered if there would be enough stuff to keep it interesting. I should not have worried! with 12,600 visits in the first year I guess we are doing fine. Many thanks to all contributors and especially Rich Crossen for setting the blog up!

Hi Cliff,

had a great afternoon watching porps in Ramsey Sound, Mon.22nd.Feb. Difficult to know how many were there but certainly more than I've seen for quite a while. I watched 5 moving down at the end of the flood tide but then they started moving back up. The same or different ones? Who knows! Porps were also active in the ebb tide where I also saw another 2 moving down. My sightings recently have been of only, at the most, 2 or 3 moving up or down depending on the tide with no long term presence in the Sound so it was really good to have continuous sightings for 3 hours today. All the best.....Alison

Stevo and Tony Lucas were also out and about today and copped 4-5 porpoises at Strumble although in the choppy conditions created by a northerly breeze, they were not easy to see.
Of course our Celtic cousins who are actually organised as a national cetacean group and supported by their government are in a totally different league! see: