Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dolphin Watchers at New Quay!

Local 'legend' Stevo and father Tony enjoying the pleasant morning sunshine on the 'Sulaire' at New Quay on Tuesday 13th April. Dolphin watching from a deckchair! (now you don't get that on the Celtic Wildcat!)
Ha ha! no deckchairs on the Wildcat, but usually some dolphins, good job they got there early to see them from the shore!(cliff)
Sure Cliff the dolphins they saw were going 'North' the opposite way we were going! (Elfyn)
Hi, Cliff, hope you're ok. Glad you had a good ferry survey last week. I've had a good couple of days up at the Sound Sun.18th & Mon.19th.Apr. Porps were present there for almost all of the 8 hours I was there over the last 2 days. It's so difficult to say how many are there. Just when you have been watching 2 or 3, suddenly there are 5 or 6. The important thing is that they are there & their presence has been recorded. All the best.....Alison