Sunday, 18 April 2010

Fishguard Dawn

I woke early and with the promise of a sunny spring day ahead, leaving my bed seemed a great idea! The sun was just rising above Pwllgwaelod on Dinas Island as I drove to the end of the Fishguard Harbour outer breakwater.

With nothing more than the slightest breeze rippling the sea it took only a couple of minutes to find what I had come hoping to see. A big sickle fin and back broke the dapply surface and as i scanned around others were coming my way from the north. Around a dozen bottles and at least a couple of calves cruised around Fishguard bay and the harbour in a pretty relaxed way although I did see a couple of breeches in the distance. They mooched about for an hour or so untill I heard the sound of a fishing boat steadily making its way out of the inner harbour and as it passed, several of the Dolphins came in to bowride. I saw Titch waving as he saw them too from his boat Avalon.
Having played with Avalon for a few minutes, the pod split up and then slowly wandered off north again. A magical way to start the day!
From Andrew Crowder...
A slightly delayed report because I've only just got back to my e-mail. 8.00pm, 17/04/10. 3-4 porpoise just on the outer edge of Fishguard harbour, towards Dinas Island. Appeared to be feeding, acompanied by several pairs of auks and a gannet. Sea was like a millpond & rose tinted just before sunset. RegardsAndrew