Monday, 24 May 2010

Cardigan Sweep Up

Haven't posted for a while, but have been keeping records of sightings for Sea Trusts records...they need tidying before I send through as a and paper!

LOTS of Bottlenose activity between Cardigan Island and Mwnt over past fortnight, particularly over the last lifeboat training yesterday had a pair of youngsters bowriding with the D Class are so close to them in the little D...both very inquisitve turning to look at us from beneath....quite a bit of jumping too. In the space of 2 hours (1030 to 1230) there wasn't any point when there wasn't a (or several) bottlenose around. Apart from the odd exuberant jump, they seemed to be just cruising and relaxing...

Mark (skipper Vigilance) has been working in the bay over the past week too and despite his sad sighting has been seeing Bottlenose regularly all week....he also thought it worth mentioning that there were several bottlenose and a pair of porps together off Newquay last week....he says the interface all seemed well tempered enough....perhaps its the heat!