Monday, 24 May 2010

Catch up!

Hi Cliff,
very very quiet for porpoise last week in Ramsey sound on the occasional one or two, seems they may all be at Strumble.
Was very interested in the posting by Libman, wonder if we ask if he got any pictures of the porp with the damaged dorsal or if he could may be draw it from memory.

Sadly I was away this weekend but we are doing a ferry survey today, hoping the fog holds off!

I agree with Malcolm, "Libmans" Porpoise with the damaged fin is very interesting and could possibly be "splitfin". Heres a photo to remind everyone. It also shows the pale/black shoulders and back of a porpoise which may lead to confusion as Porpoises can be surprisingly boisterous.
Of course the possibility of Common Dolphins is also quite reasonable, we have records for this time of the year in the area. The calf flipping sounds a bit sinister, we know Bottles kill porp calves and last year we had some evidence that Common Dolphins might be doing the same. Did I get this right? or were the calves/juveniles just flipping themselves. Such input is really valuable to us so any further comment from "Libman" would be much appreciated!