Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Stena Europe survey 24-25th May

Rich Crossen, Alison Ross and myself carried out a Ferry survey betwixt Fishguard and Rosslare sadly missing the weekends calm clear spell, although conditions yaesterday were not bad . We saw several porpoise and also a pod of around 20 Common Dolphins just before the Tusker Rock. A half hour watch from 9 p.m. was interesting bird wise with hundreds of Terns fishing in the fading light with a brief appearance from an Arctic Skua. The day closed with a Stunning sunset.
Sadly the weather window closed and our return trip this morning was windy with a stiff SE which whipped up the sea, making surveying a waste of time. None the less we did spot a few porpoises feeding under gannets off Strumble so even in poor conditions the Strumble Porpoises turned up trumps!