Friday, 28 May 2010

Saga of dead dolphin...

I sent Mark Williams report of the dead Dolphin to Rod Penrose who is responsible for dealing with stranded marine mammals turtles etc,

I’m pretty sure the same dolphin has made landfall today at Penbryn. It’s on its right side and the piece of wood is missing so I cant compare damage. Unfortunately I had to retreat due to danger of being cut-off by an incoming tide but I’ll try again tomorrow if its still there.

Yesterday ...
Bottlenose dolphin at Penbryn was a 2.52 metre female, I’ve taken basic samples but it is too far gone to determine a cause of death.

I met up with Rod on Wednesday and our thoughts were that the dead Dolphin had been washed up on some high tide mark along with other debris. Pounded by surf, the stick and some large pebbles had been lodged in the carcass in cavities opened up by scavengers. Later on a big tide refloated it and thence Mark found the rather gruesome corpse complete with stick etc.
Bottlenose corpses are rarely found despite the fact that there seems to be a semi resident population of 300+ in Cardigan Bay and several must die each year, presumably. At 2.5 meters its a relatively small animal.

To report any strandings contact...

Rod Penrose, Strandings Co-ordinator (Wales)
Tel: 01239 682405