Wednesday, 5 May 2010

From: David Brittain : Porps

Hi, Cliff spent about 5 hours at Strumble, choppy conditions but porps still showing well, especially in tidal race near lighthouse, loads of gannets mostly young birds.
Great watching the calfs/juv's playing and what looked liked torpedoing, saw at least 20 + porps in total at least 5 juvs and the rest were adults spread out in groups of 3 or 4-
at least 1 juv/calf in each group
Sorry missed on mon couldnt get there.
Cheers Dave

Stacey Wall and self watched very similar porp display yesterday though very choppy and no juveniles identified as such. They were spread out over at least a mile and we estimated at least 50 animals . The very bright sunlight actually showed a lot of animals under the water as well as those actually surfacing.
One thing is certain , not much chance of ever actually being certain of numbers , but there are a lot!