Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Kyaking with porp's!

Hi Cliff,
spent a day surveying in Ramsey Sound yesterday just one porpoise coming up the sound against the tide about an hour into the ebb phase, not the norm.
Different approach today, I got on my kayak and paddled round from Porth Clais to just beyond St Justinians and then paddled out into the middle of the sound and waited, perfect conditions, neap tide, very little wind, overcast, right on cue a group of three and another group of two porpoise came down the sound, with a little paddling I was able to drift down and got some great views as they surfaced, a couple of times within 20ft. Beyond the bitches the three turned back upstream and passed close by again, with the tidal stream now getting going I headed off behind shoe rock around Pen Pedol and back to Porth Clais, totally elated.
I will be doing this again, next time with the camera too.

Hmm, maybe they are all at Strumble?