Thursday, 3 June 2010

Porpy stuff

A ferry survey on the Stena Europe with Stevo and Tony Lucas was surprisingly dolphin-less given the almost ideal conditions, although we did have twenty odd sightings of Porpoises over the two crossings. As we came in to Strumble on the return, we came across a feeding frenzy in which I estimated 30+ porps in a small area. A subsequent visit to Strumble this afternoon showed at least 90 Gannets and hundreds of other seabirds feeding over at least that many porpoises. Sadly my photographic skills are not up to really catching the sheer numbers of Porpoises but imagine the picture opposite x100!
Also there were a couple from Watford, (Jan and Paul?, hope I got it right!) who had been really enjoying the spectacle!
Thanks for the further info Libman, have to say it sounds like it could be splitfin but no real way of knowing for sure. The porpoise flipping sounds like boisterousness, they were doing all sorts of breaching and tail slapping today... As for Dan's report it occurs to me the porpoise may have been using the lifeboat to try and get away from the Bottles but as you say very odd. Just goes to show we have a lot more to learn! allthingsgood, walrus