Thursday, 3 June 2010

Strange goings on off Cardigan Island!

I missed lifeboat training this evening due to other commitments, but had a really interesting email from Simon (Scaramanga) one of our /Razorbills crew and a fellow lifeboat colleague....thought you might be interested in what he had to report....

"Out on the lifeboats tonight and mobbed by a pod of bottlenose dolphins a couple of mothers and calves, and really oddly, a porpoise that seemed to be part of the pod and came very close to the boats. Not seen that before......"

The sea state was flat calm /good obs and Simon can be trusted to make the distinction between a Porp and a B'nose.....very odd!

UPDATE: Okay a quick update as this sighting has got me very interested....I quizzed Simon again about this and he has responded "Completely certain it was an adult porpoise in a pod of around 7 bottlenosed dolphins. The dolphins had at least 2 calves with them and the porpoise seemed to be one of the group. No aggression, and all were interested in the boat. The porpoise made at least 2 close passes to the boat over the space of around 15-20 minutes. One of the adut dolphins had a very ragged trailing edge to the dorsal fin near the base if that helps ID."

I'd love to hear any views /feedback on this as it's baffling me. We haven't seen this animal since, but we are doing some drift dives beyond Cardigan island (couple of Miles off, drifting towards the Mwnt direction) tomorrow with a charter will keep our eyes peeled topside....any thoughts, my email is

Thanks! Daniel