Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Bottlenose Dolphins off Aberystwyth

From 11.30am until 1.45pm today I watched up to four adult bottlenose dolphins just offshore of the harbour area in Aberystwyth. Two of the animals seemed to be regularly foraging in unison whereas the other two remained apart. They spent a great deal of time foraging in this relatively small area and I know that they are regularly seen there. I believe the sandbank at that location is a favoured spot. I saw one of the animals surfacing with a fish in its mouth. There was quite a lot of small boat activity in the vicinity of the dolphins and fisherman going in and out of the harbour. Every boat user I watched acted responsibly in the vicinity of the animals. At one stage 2 of the animals came very close to the shore to within about a 100 metres.
Of course there were lots of people on the beach today enjoying the glorious sunshine and watching the dolphins. A grey seal cow also popped her head up briefly.

I know I say this often but my goodness aren't we lucky to be living in such a wildlife rich area of Britain.