Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ramsey Sound

Porpoise numbers seem to be on the up again in the Sound. 10-15 seen from casual observations yesterday and again today. At least 2 calves reported yesterday. Maybe they move out of the area to give birth? Plus the sea temperature is still low for the time of year following the cold winter and I see very few in the winter so perhaps the whole season is behind schedule this year?

Minke between Grassholm and Smalls yesterday plus plenty of common dolphins (including good numbers of calves) seen on some recent trips that I've been on out that way.

Greg Morgan (RSPB Ramsey Warden)

and from Alison Ross....
Hi Cliff, spent a rewarding morning at the Sound on Mon.21st.June with sightings of porps including 2 calves. There was a small group, including one calf, present in the ebb tide for the 3 hours I was there. At one point my attention was attracted by a gannet diving, away from the tide race & a bit further out into the bay, & there was another little group of 2 adults with a calf out there. When I looked back in the tide race, the other calf I'd been watching was still there. All the best.....Alison