Thursday, 24 June 2010

Its getting Busy out there!

Hi Cliff,
good to see the improvement in Porpoise numbers in the sound, it would appear that nursing mothers like to bring their calves here, there are at least two calves at the moment.
(see attached photo's)
There as been a lot more consideration shown to porps transiting the sound by some nature tour boats, whilst at the same time i saw one boat pass extremely close to a mother and calf yesterday, the skipper able to show is clients a fleeting glimpse as the boat came to an abrupt stop.

Enjoyed Sunday very much, I have attached a photo of the marked individual and one other.

cheers for now
Hi Cliff, hope you're ok. Spent another fantastic day up at the Sound today,Thurs.24th.June, the third this week & the third with great sightings of porps including at least 2 calves. Some quite active behaviour displayed today with one porp coming right out of the water & flicking its tail in the air. I agree with Malcolm's observations regarding the nature tour boats. Some seem to be respectful of the porpoise sensitive areas, more so than others, but the main thing is that the porpoises are still using the Sound for whatever reason, & hopefully, any human activity in the area won't change this. All the best.....Alison.
Porpoises with Calves are extremely vulnerable and all boats going through Ramsay Sound need to be aware of this!
Hi Cliff,
How's things, bet you're busy this time of year. I thought i'd drop you a note concering cetacean sightings off the Gower coast. A number of species have been recorded over the last week that we don't usually get (el nino ??) so close in and can be seen on the website there are a number of photo,s and a video link for you to browse through - just scroll down to 22 & 21 Jun - enjoy.

Bottlenose Dolphins off Port Eynon 19th June
A pod of Bottlenose Dolphins were showing well off Port Eynon Point today around 2pm. I was told that there were 5 or 6 performing well, with breaches seen often. They were last seen heading west. There have been good numbers of Bottlenose Dolphins in the seas off Gower recently, I have been told, although these sightings have been made largely from boats. Large numbers of Gannets were also noted today, which suggests lots of food available for them.The weather is good for tomorrow with high pressure, light onshore wind and good visibility. With a bit of luck they may stick around for others to see. (Gower Wildlife Blog)
Thanks for this Martin (Hnatiuk) and also to the Gower Wildlife Blog