Saturday, 26 June 2010

Bottlenose Dolphins on a still June Evening - Video

Hi all, an evening wildlife watching charter last night (2 hours 7 to 9pm) out of Gwbert (Cardigan).

Still plenty of Auks on the Island, the Kittiwakes feeding on bubbling fish fry, Choughs, Peregrine, Ravens, Curlews (on the island), all the usual suspects too...and LOADS of Dolphin activity.

Video uploaded to our YouTube channel....Stick with the wobbly camera at the beginning...gets good /much better.

Breaching, Jumping (one crosiing jump), Bow riding (must stress slow speed, constant bearing, they approached well as other passing / fishing boats). Lovely evening all round....4 children with the party, made their day!


YouTube - Bottlenose Dolphins on a still June Evening 2010