Saturday, 26 June 2010

Stena Ferry Survey , 25/26 June.

Alison Ross, Gaynor Mc Morrin and Steve Rosser teamed up with yours truly to do a ferry survey aboard the Stena Europe between Fishguard (West Wales) and Rosslaire S E Ireland. We started with porpoises from leaving Fishguard Harbour and all looked ready for a record breaker and then fickle as ever a strong breeze sprung up chopping into a ss3 although we still managed a few more porps and one mystery animal that splashed often at extreme range without really showing enough to make a decent guess at. The sea calmed and Alison spotted a Minke, whilst the rest of us added a couple more Porps. A distant feeding block of gannets revealed some commons but only by using the telescope. Steve Rosser got a glimpse of a Risso' some distance ahead, just before it dived as we passed the Tusker Rock.
The long days gave us a second bite of the cherry on our return evening trip. A couple more porps were logged and then I spotted a distant splash off our port beam we rushed across the bridge and managed to relocate the splashes, a herd of Risso's distant but porpoising and breaching at speed before diving, their tail flukes waving as they dissappeared.
The morning return started with more Risso's in the same area between the Tusker and Rosslare Harbour as Steve had seen one, the previous day. Another Minke was added to the total and a few more Porps....