Friday, 23 July 2010

Dolphin Survey Trip

Sea conditions on the Sea Trust Pelagic yesterday were somewhat rougher than expected but we still managed to get out a fair way beyond the Smalls. On the way we called in at Skokholm where there were plenty of Puffins but few Guillemots and Razorbills. We saw 2 Common Dolphins on the way out to Grassholm which was the usual, spectacular, hive of activity with thousands of birds on and over the surrounding waters as well as the huge numbers on the island itself.
Towards the Smalls we picked up a pod of 20 plus Common Dolphins which rode the bow wave for a while before losing interest and dropping away - a wonderful encounter.
Further out there were large groups of Manx Shearwaters and plenty of Puffins, just a couple of Fulmars and one Storm Petrel. A Bonxie put on a great display as it pursued a Herring Gull quite close to the boat.
We headed back against a choppy sea but with the Celtic Wildcat hacking along at 17 knots it was an exhilarating ride with one short pause as a small pod of Dolphins appeared briefly. Click here for photos from the trip.
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