Friday, 23 July 2010

From Malcolm Barradell

There was a group of about 60 Common Dolphins a mile west of St Davids Head about 2pm yesterday afternoon, (20/7/10) they were moving towards the west, there were several small animals,I was on a overnight stint at Ramsey Sound and last evening there was a group of about 20 common dolphin close in to Pen Pedol which then entered the South end of the sound and dashed around a little before making off into towards Skomer.Earlier in the evening saw several porps running the gaunlet of NT boats as they came down the sound seemed to be an end of the day lack of awareness, subsequently sightings were brief, however later in the evening just before dark there were several porps foraging well up to the bitches during the latter stages of ebb tide, not something you see when boats are all ovewr the place, I could clearly here them "puffing". I kayaked into the sound this morning and got a ride out and around St Davids head and saw a small group of Porps just off ST Johns Head which moved of and around St Davids Head, unfortunately I saw no more but did get checked out by several seals on the way to Aberiddy.
Shame the nature tour boats seem to keep ignoring the Marine Code that they helped to devise themselves, Malcolm!