Saturday, 7 August 2010

Bird's Rock, New Quay

Saturday 3.15 p.m. a lone Bottle Nose appeared off Bird's Rock about 100 metres out. It stayed in the area for 45 minutes, just circling and occasionally diving. It did not appear to be feeding. This animal had a very obvious, white tip to the beak and conspicuous white "lips" . When it eventually left the area and headed north, it's place was almost immediately taken by a mother and very young calf. The calf was probably just over 3 feet, creamy in colour and the foetal folds were still very visible.

I note the earlier comments regarding boat behaviour and from my observations (regular Dolphin Watch sessions) agree that the New Quay trip operators are pretty good at adhering to the Marine Code of Conduct - they certainly did this afternoon. Despite having the Code though, many boaters appear to be completely ignorant of it or are wilfully disregarding it.