Monday, 9 August 2010

From North to South and inbetween, things being seen! things getting killed!

A brief visit to Strumble on Saturday revealed several old mates birdwatching including Colin Butters, they all remarked they had seen very few porpoises but I saw one almost immediately and also saw a nice pod of around a dozen closeish in a few minutes later as I watched from the car park. Colin emailed to say he had seen a few couple more but I think they were concentrating on birds!

A holiday maker told me of seeing a pod of Dolphins at Strumble yesterday lunchtime, from his description they were probably commons.

From Andy Rickard:

We had a small trip out yesterday afternoon and as sea conditions were perfect and fishing was not, we travelled out to some distance off Milford Haven and eventually met with a maternal group of 20 commons most with juveniles and another 5 with very young calves. One mum had two identical sized juveniles she bow rode with two nippers for a few minutes before peeling off . Do dolphins have twins? A mile further on there were more parents and young arriving from the NW possibly 100 or so and most with young. We watched for a while before returning speak soon Andy.

From PM o' Brian:

Only two dolphin sighting in July, both off Porthdinllaen. 18th 4 – Bottle nose dolphins
31st small group of unidentified dolphins, same area.
Sorry details are limited, but it depends on the person on watch at the time.
National Coastwatch Institution, Porthdinllaen Near Nefyn, N of Lleyn Peninsular North Wales

From Steve Rosser:

Hi Cliff,

I copy below an entry on Glamorgan Bird Club sightings page by Barry Stewart for Port Eynon yesterday.
Plenty of feeding activity off the point this evening, with 13+ Common Dolphins feeding just off Sedger's Bank, giving great views, especially when feeding, often jumping right out of the water with Gannets diving into the same patch. Also interesting to see the Manxies following the Gannets and diving into the same spot straight after a Gannet dive. 60+ Kittiwakes & 44 Commic Terns also feeding in same area (all those identifiable being Commons).
Tight lines

A dead Dolphin was reported on Druidston Haven beach today, it is on the left side of beach only accessible when the tide is out.

Vivien Newing

I rang Rod Penrose to let him know about this and found out he had not yet been able to visit the site. He had however visited Abermawr and found the grisly remains a nonate Porpoise calf we had missed the day before. It was only the head end having been chopped in half, possibly another case of propellor strike.

I spoke to Vivien and it sounds like another smashed up porpoise...

thanks to all, keep them coming!