Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dolphin-othon 2010 begins!

For the past five years , Sea Trust in partnership with Stena Line's Fishguard -Rosslare Superferry Service, have been giving Sea Trust supporters a chance to join us aboard the "Stena Europe" for a week long Dolphin watching marathon.

Our first team will join us this afternoon and we will be attempting to keep a daily update of what we see on the Whales in Wales blog. Weather forcasts for today and tommorow look a bright and breezy but the winds should drop by Monday.

Risso's Dolphins have become the focus of our Ferry Surveys in recent months and we hope to see and record more in the coming week. Common Dolphin and Porpoise should also feature prominently and Minke Whale should put in one or two appearances. Bottlenose Dolphins have been few and far between, so far this season but would be nice to add to the list. And then there is always the unexpected, perhaps A Humpback or Fin Whale will set pulses racing, or even an Orca?... watch this space!