Friday, 27 August 2010

Rogers Risso's

Hi Cliff ,

Yesterday afternoon's trip on the Stena Europe turned out to be a reasonable success.With F 5/6 North East winds & white horses as we left Fishguard predictions were we might not see anything. Fortunately out to sea it calmed down slightly & we had :

3 Risso's at 16.14p.m.
2 Risso's at 16.30p.m

2 Risso's at 16.43p.m.

Hopefully a couple of fin shots to follow later.


Adrian and his team made a great pre Dolphin-othon ferry Survey in conditions we would not generally expect to be productive. It just goes to show how numerous our Risso's sightings are and one can only wonder what might have been seen in less extreme conditions! The pic's show an overcast lumpy Irish Sea and it is often easy to give up in souch conditions. But perseverance pays and these raked hooked fins are typical Risso's, well done all! Lets hope the next seven days of the Dolphin-othon calm down and show us more!