Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Newquay operators care!

An afternon spent at Newquay in Ceredigion was a pleasant reminder that tour operators and cetaceans can get along together in harmony. There is a quite different set up with the operators there clearly adhering to their code of conduct. This mother and calf were strolling around off the harbour wall and the tour boats coming in to the harbour slowed as soon as they spotted them and gently steered around them. Scores of holiday makers were thrilled at the sight of the mother and calf, as were we .
They were obviously quite unpurturbed by the boats who passed by gently without crowding the animals or lingering in the vicinity. After a while another mother and calf pair wandered into the vicinity. Three canoeists came in for a look but again, remained at a respectful distance allowing the dolphins plenty of space. As I watched Steve Hartley an old mate and also one of the boat tour operators popped along for a chat carefully watching his skipper and satisfying himself that he was sticking to the codes of best practice that the Ceredigion County Council Community Dolphin Watch and nature tour operators have agreed.
According to Steve the system works well there and sets a good example to visitors. There is also a warden with a vessel who helps patrol the area advising mebers of the boating public of their responsibilities to the wildlife. If only....