Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Who Cares?

Hi Cliff, hope you're ok. I spent over 5 hours watching porps up at the Sound today, Sun.1st.Aug, including sightings of not just one mother & small calf, but two. Another example of apparent lack of awareness by boat operators. I caught sight of 2 porps gently surfacing away from the ebb tide race further into St.Brides Bay. Behind them was a tour boat approaching the area. At first I thought it was coming in to look at the porps but I was really concerned at the speed it was doing. It did not slow at all & passed over where I'd seen the porps within seconds of my sighting. Had they not seen porps surfacing in front of them in a flat sea? I frantically looked about for further sightings of the porps & eventually saw 2 further to the left of the original sighting. I really hope that they were the same 2. I met Malcolm there who had been watching from a different vantage point & we both thought there were about 10-12 porps in the Sound today. We watched them move up the Sound at the end of the ebb tide but were frustrated once again by boat activity. 2 tour boats crossed the Sound at the Bitches without reducing speed despite it being the optimum time for porps moving up the Sound. At the time, we were watching porps moving up, both north, & south of the Bitches. Thankfully Malcolm had his camera. All the best... Alison