Saturday, 21 August 2010

Ramsay Round Up.

Hi Cliff,
At the sound on Tuesday, waited until an hour and twenty minutes after slack tide for a little group (which included a calf) of porpoise to come down the sound and past the bitches. Lots of boat activity North of the bitches, 15 boats crossing the sound (normal crossing speed) in the hour and twenty minutes after Slack water.

On Thursday at slack water porpoise moved up from their foraging activity in the south end of the sound, passing the bitches between 1110 and 1140.
During the same period 5 out of six boats passed the bitches and crossed the sound North of the bitches just beyond the newly introduced cautionary area at their normal crossing speed.

Between 1200 and 1215 I recorded porpoise North of the bitches, during this period Nine out of Ten boats crossed the sound North of the aforementioned area at their normal crossing speed.

At 1220 Two small groups of porpoise returned past the bitches moving back down the sound into the South end of the sound. I managed to get a photograph, it is not the clearest but you can see a young calf tucked in to its mothers side thus highlighting once again that in this area boats and vulnerable animals occur in proximity to one another!

I reckon 5 porpoise on Tuesday and 7 or 8 Thursday. I also got a photo of a marked individual again not the best photo, the nick out the back of the fin is very similar to one or two porpoise that were about in the sound last year.
Would appreciate hearing from anybody who sees this individual.
Cheers for now