Thursday, 19 August 2010

you should have been here yesterday!

Porpoises evidently in among the fish judging by the number of Gannets plunging in around them... Graham Rees ( GHR ,Tuesday, Pembs Bird Blog )
We, Sea Trust / Pemb's Coll' WOW course, went to Strumble on Wednesday amd except for a few extremely frustratiing and unconclusive sightings blanked out, Today they (the Porps) were back again in force ( according to GHR). Yesterday at Newquay, Bottles were around for most of the day, we missed them today by an hour. Sods law but it seemed the WOW course clients were prettyu happy , so alls well that ends well... We should have been out on the Wildcat today but again weather/wind blew us out... arghhh.