Thursday, 2 September 2010

Day six and its another sunny day!

A decent nights sleep always helps in terms of an optimistic outlook, and so we are hoping for plenty of sightings and good views as we move into the final couple of days of our Marathon Dolphin Watch.
It has ben enjoyable but quite stressful organising everyone in two differnt countries twice a day. Verena our new long term volunteer has been a great help but the big thanks go to the Stena Booking staff, particularly Matthew and of course Carl Milne for his continued support.
Everybody aboard the ship is incredibly helpful and cheerful and having spent several days aboard I can see how life aboard a noisy busy ship working 12 hours on and 12 off, for a week or more at a time could begin to wear you down.

The Staff at the Harbour View in Rosslare have looked after us like the old friends they are reserving tables and serving delicious food quickly and efficiently. The Smithick's and Guiness
has also gone down pretty well and everybody assures me its at its best over here!
Ah well time for breakfast and then the ship will sail,wonder what will turn up this morning! New girl Katie is hoping for some nice close views, I hope the Dolphins cooperate