Wednesday, 1 September 2010

So near and yet so far away...

One of those frustrating days when you keep getting glimpses of things without really managing to nail them properly. Conditions were a gnarly this morning with heavy glare and a small but distracting chop.
This afternoon we picked up Kims team and Katie Booth and set off back to Rosslare. The wind had dropped and all seemed set fair for another cracking afternoon of the cetacean kind.
We picked up odd porpoises, which would show up and then dissappear with half of the team missing them. It became more and more annoying until at last Verena copped onto some Risso's which although not close, showed well enough for everyone to see them. Katie was delighted as they were her first ever Dolphins on her first ever trip to Ireland.
Some more brief views and then I spotted some Gannets wheeling a couple of miles ahead of the Ship. At last I thought, some nice close up views but true to form as the ship approached they started moving off we got views but again distant and not very satisfying. So not our best day in terms of quality views but still a worthwhile addition to the weeks total.