Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dolphins at Dusk

As I was taking Verena home after a long day of volunteering with us, I suggested we take a look out from the viewpoint above Harbour Village in Goodwick . The view is of Fishguard Bay with Fishguard Harbour directly below.
The sea was quite calm as the bay was sheltered from the prevailing wind and it was likely we should see anything that surfaced over a wide area . We scanned and scanned and were just about to give in, when a small yacht motored into view outside of and running parallel with the Outer Breakwater. A back and fin surfaced a hundred yards out from the yacht and although not bowriding, seemed to be loosely associating with it, moving in the same general direction in a unobtrusive manner.
Soon after Verena noticed another couple of animals shadowing the yacht and as we tried to get better views, a juvenile bottlenose made an elegant breach bsides its mother, a lovely moment!
We rushed to the harbour and onto the outer breakwater, greedy for more and better views but darkness was descending and we saw no more of them....