Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fishguard - Rosslare Ferry

Kelly and I went on a Ferry survey last Friday. We set off in Fishguard at a Sea State 3 with a strong wind blowing into our faces. After a while Kelly spotted some Common Dolphins in a distance of about 200 m. Then for a long time nothing happened. But getting closer to Ireland, the Sea calmed down and finally it changed to a Sea State 1. Suddenly I heard a splash and about 4 Common Dolphins were right next to the boat, and stayed at the boat for some minutes. An amazing moment. Only short time later we spotted another small pod of Dolphins coming directly towards as and we enjoyed them, as they disappeard below the boat. By now we could see Ireland clearly at the horizon and some circling gannets in a distance. Yeah! Another pod of at least 15 Common Dolphins. We passed them at a distance of about 500 m. So all in all it was a great day for Common Dolphins and we enjoyed the trip. Verena Bolender