Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Boisterous Bottles

Was just dropping Verena off having got wet and cold being caught in a downpour previously . Decided to have quick look over Fishyguard Harbour from the viewpoint at the end of Harbour Village , Goodywick, when Verena spotted some splashing off the outer breakwater it looked like a couple of adult bottles and a calf.

We shot off back down to the harbour and out onto the breakwater, praying they were still there. They were, but mooving out to the tide race of Pen Anglas, and lots of them! My guess would be 15-20 but they were well spread out surging, breaching, head slapping, a few really majestic full out of the water breaches by adults that seemed almost to hang in the air. To far for cameras (so one I took earlier!) but thrilling through our Bino's twenty minutes of cracking entertainment and then in that enigmatic way of cetaceans just dissapearing!