Thursday, 7 October 2010

who saw what when!

Thursday 30th September
From 7am until about 11am.I have had a report that Fishguard Bay from the outer breakwater to almost. Dinas Head was full of Bottlenose Dolphins. They were very active as well with lots of breaches, and somersaults etc The numbers quoted were about 100!

Verina and I had a look at about 9am from Harbour Village and again at about 5 pm from the Outer brreakwater, but couldnt see anything of the animals that were about last night so this is interesting. 100 bottles all together around here would be unusual but there did seem to be a lot all spread out last night and our views were far from good due to distances. we will be looking again tommorow so I hope we can confirm this exciting spectacle!

Hi I saw something on Saturday 2nd Oct 4pm approx in Rhossili/Llangennith but I am not 100% sure what it was.I am used to seeing seals and very very occasionally a porpoise when I am surfing but this was a huge smooth black shiny bulk that came up about 300mtrs away from me. It looked sort of like the domed head of a dolphin from the beak up but much, much bigger. I would say it was about 1 – 1.5 mtrs across. It was definitely a living thing and not just something floating.
Steve McElroy

Wow this is the sort of thing that gets the brain ticking over, will try and contact Steve and see if I can get a bit more info but it sounds exciting!