Sunday, 24 October 2010

Dead Risso Calf washed up at Gwbert

We've been reporting quite a few dead seals at Poppit /Gwbert to Rod Penrose lately (usual pups, as well as a decapitated cow last week - prop strike??....Rod also collected another cow last week which he tells me had badly congested lungs as a result of a disease /infection...he's awaiting the biopsy results...

Today brought yet another reason to call Rod, albeit a different one...received a phone call from a fisherman reporting a dead Dolphin washed up at Gwbert (Patch) and bounced it on to Rod....

I was on lifeboat exercise so popped over with the D Class to see the recovery effort....It turned out to be a Rissos Calf (female). It was in a fairly advanced stage of decomposition, and the throat had been scavenged out, but due to it's relative 'rarity' will be sent off for PM.

It was very skinny and had visible scratching /teeth marks in the side (see pic) which Rod felt may have been Common Dolphins....possibly as a result of interaction with a common dolph pod.....may have been orphaned?

Sad, but are some images....apologies to anyone who is squeamish!