Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Newquay Bottles

We took two of our work experience volunteers to Newquay today, Amy and Faye along with Verena and Matthew, as it seemed unlikely we will show them cetaceans from a boat this week due to the windy weather.
It was a good call, we first saw the Bottles from the car park feeding off the fish factory. A trip boat pushed them around the corner but we saw another group off the harbour which were still there by the time we got down to the harbour wall. They were feeding and we saw them throw a fish in the air but the boats pushed them further out by the time I got my camera set up . Still sorting through photo's but sadly the animals were quite distant and the tripper boats seemed to be intent on following them and they kept moving further out.
This is something I have not seen before in Newquay... Bit of a shame for all of us on the harbour wall who were really enjoying them! The Bottles had at least one calf and did not seem keen to be close to the boats so the passengers would probably have been better off watching from the land with the rest of us!