Friday, 19 November 2010

Day two...

Steve Rosser

Cliff Benson

After a pretty disturbed night with a rough sea banging the ship about, we awoke bleary eyed in Rosslare Harbour with a surprisingly calm sea and some wintery sunshine. Not long after we departed I saw what looked like a large dissapearing tail fluke which we failed to resolve but which sharpened our senses.

Soon we were spotting porpoises some with calves. Just past the Tusker we saw some distant splashing ahead and spread over a large area of sea. as we approached we noticed they were groups of Common Dolphins all around us. None got really close (see pic') but we estimated them to be over 7o in total.

The breeze picked up a little and a slight chop developed which with a low sun made viewing less easy. As we approached Strumble it died down again and we started picking up porpoises again with calves. As I searched the sea I caught a blow just off Strumble, followed by a couple of large fins and then more blows! Risso's almost two miles away but unmistakable.

They would have been really great viewed from the land and are probably a pod that has been frequenting the area for a few weeks.
I am not a scientist, I am a naturalist, observer and recorder. I try my hardest to get us out and find out what is happening and then report what we see. I cannot oversate the importance of getting favourable conditions for observation , calm seas and good light. Today was absolute proof of that pudding!

So another fantastic ferry survey with three species of Cetacean recorded, many thanks to Stena Line and all the crew and booking staff!