Sunday, 21 November 2010

How indeed!

Hi Cliff,
just a little Ramsey Sound update
There have been small numbers of porpoise in Ramsey sound during my surveys
Today (Sunday) I arrived during ebb tide and immediately spotted a group of three porpoise, within a few minutes that became five and soon afterwards a tight group of nine (see photo attached), so I reckon at least a dozen in the South end of the sound at that time, I was excited at the thought of a good couple of hours of porpopise action, three more scans produced porps and then, whooosh gone!
How do they do that???
Conditions were calm and clear (a bit grey and overcast but a reasonable light and good visibility) I scanned,saw distant boats, birds and seals but not a sign of a propoise.
But science is about the negatives and the positive so I continued, It was an hour and fifty minutes when I next had a positive scan, these lasted for another 30 miutes before the porpoise headed off up the sound with the turn of the tide.

cheers for now