Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Nice report sorry about the spelling!

Rissos seen 2009 image: Rich Crossen
I phoned in my sighting as I was not sure when I would be back at my
computer. Here is a bit more information. I seawatched at the Head on
14th Dec from 1200 to 1300. Wind N, force 2/3 visibility was excellent. I only noted 1 Porpoise during the time but at 1231, I noted 3 Risso's well inside the tide race moving steadily west. They were so close that if I had been sitting in the obs, (I was standing) I would have missed them out of my sight underneath me. One was very large with a dorsal fin which had a white leading edge and gradually faded to dark grey at the rear edge. The other two animals were smaller but were not calves.

I saw you on the ferry from the Head. Since the animals were on the other side of the tide race to you I am not surprised that you missed them.

Weather permitting I will try and get down Boxing Day to help with the whale on the beach.

BTW, you got my surname wrong on the blog, needs an 's' on Butter


Colin Butters

Colin , I have sorted spelling, if you don't tell anyone I got it wrong, I wont... it will just be a little secret between you me and about 30,000 people give or take 126! which is the number of visits since February 2009! see you Boxing Day!